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John Gatins
John Gatins
Kurt Russell, Dakota Fanning, Oded Fehr
Dreamworks Pictures, Hyde Park Entertainment, Tollin/Robbins Productions
1h 46min
Drama, Family, Sport
Awards, 1 win & 5 nominations
racehorse,kentucky,horse racing,based on true story,horse movie
Chicago TribuneNo Title

Russell, who looks younger with each movie, holds his own against the formidable force that is Dakota Fanning.

Miami HeraldConnie Ogle

Mom (Elisabeth Shue) suffers from the fatal movie ailment of being so underwritten she's practically see-through.

The Hollywood ReporterKirk Honeycutt

Recycles just about every sentimental ploy and cliche from a raft of horse racing movies.

VarietyJoe Leydon

Modestly engaging but mostly unexceptional.

The A.V. ClubTasha Robinson

There are no surprises in Dreamer--except that for all its visible and unselfconscious schmaltz, it's actually pretty enjoyable.

Entertainment WeeklyNo Title

One more feel-great sports movie with a teen-poetry title and Kurt Russell will have himself a trilogy.

Village VoiceBen Kenigsberg

Adults will be restless as stabled bucks, but even children may need unusually high Ritalin doses to slog through the visual and dramatic indifference on display.

Dallas ObserverLuke Y. Thompson

If you're a little girl in the Lisa Simpson mold, for whom the greatest wish-fulfillment in the world would be to have your own pony, then Dreamer just might be for you. Otherwise, no.

ReelViewsJames Berardinelli

Dreamer is a kids' movie. It offers the simple black-and-whites of innocence, with no grays to add complexity.

Charlotte ObserverLawrence Toppman

I was not disappointed by Dreamer, the most dishonest movie I've seen in a while. Nobody gets a fatal disease before the end credits, but every other clich? is exploited in this fabric of impossibilities, nonsense, stereotypes and shameless tear-jerking.

Critics Choice Awards2006

2006 Nominee Critics Choice Award

Kids' Choice Awards, USA2006

2006 Nominee Blimp Award, Dakota Fanning

Young Artist Awards2006

2006 Winner Young Artist Award, Dakota Fanning
2006 Nominee Young Artist Award

ESPY Awards2006

2006 Nominee ESPY

AARP Movies for Grownups Awards2006

2006 Nominee Movies for Grownups Award, Kurt Russell