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Cameron Crowe
Cameron Crowe
Orlando Bloom, Kirsten Dunst, Susan Sarandon
Paramount Pictures, Cruise/Wagner Productions, Vinyl Films
2h 3min
Comedy, Drama, Romance
Awards, 2 wins & 4 nominations
manic pixie dream girl,publicity,bad publicity,quote,cubicle
ReelViewsJames Berardinelli

What's sad is that Elizabethtown contains two GREAT sequences.

The A.V. ClubKeith Phipps

Only a truly great director can make a film of high artistic merit, filled with personality and memorable scenes, that's still a borderline disaster. (Think One From The Heart or 1941.) So the heartfelt and woefully miscalculated Elizabethtown may be the film that marks Cameron Crowe's arrival as a truly great director.

L.A. WeeklyJohn Patterson

Crowe's undeniable gifts -- his well-crafted individual scenes and his love for his characters -- are more evident here than his flaws.

Entertainment WeeklyLisa Schwarzbaum

Think of Elizabethtown as Cameron Crowe's rambling amateur travelogue, one from a well-liked professional filmmaker momentarily so distracted by private notes scrawled on his souvenir map that he gets lost en route to telling his story of self-renewal. This undershaped, overlong warmedy is an homage to the memory of his late father.

The Hollywood ReporterRay Bennett

Tedious humor and sentimentality bury what could have been a pretty good road picture.

Unknown SourceVariety

Although rich in screwball silliness and sharp one-liners, film lacks the narrative drive one finds in the classic comedies of Preston Sturges, Frank Capra and Billy Wilder, whom Crowe always seems to try to emulate.

Village VoiceLaura Sinagra

Where the earlier flick (Garden State), in its smallness, felt like an honest representation of writer-director-star Zach Braff's struggles with notions of home, Crowe's is a hodgepodge of great ideas and moods in search of a plot to enrich.

Dallas ObserverRobert Wilonsky

It's a mess, absolutely, more a collage than a narrative.

New York Daily NewsJack Mathews

Crowe was going for something magical in all this, but the film is so affected and mannered, so preciously in love with itself, that it's painful to watch. Scenes go on and on, and when you think the movie's over, it goes on and on some more.

Chicago TribuneNo Title

So many romantic comedies come and go without making the slightest impression. Elizabethtown is not one of them; I found it galling.

Critics Choice Awards2006

Grammy Awards2006

Hollywood Film Awards2005

2005 Winner Hollywood Film Award, Susan Sarandon

Yoga Awards2006

2006 Winner Yoga Award, Orlando Bloom