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Tom Gustafson
Cory Krueckeberg
Alex Diaz, Alan Cammish, Ming-Na Wen
SPEAK Productions, Sin Sentido Films, La Palma de Oro Films
1h 55min
Not Available
Musical, Romance
USA, Mexico
Awards, 5 wins
gay interest,gay couple,gay,male nudity,queer cinema
IndieWireDavid Opie

Glitter & Doom isn’t quite as polished as other jukebox musicals like “Mamma Mia!,” or even “Across the Universe” for that matter, but this scrappy, DIY approach is very much in keeping with the duo who inspired this film in the first place.

Paste MagazineAndrew Crump

Films like these can hew toward positivity without scrubbing the script of risk, but Glitter & Doom risks next to nothing, except perhaps the Indigo Girls’ dignity.

The New York TimesWesley Morris

This is not a deep movie. A lot of it isn’t even good. The images and story are chaotically assembled. The arrangements bring the music too naggingly close to the rounded, boppy, angsty gleam of certain 21st-century stage musicals . . . Even so, the people who’ve made this thing understand what the Indigo Girls are all about.

RogerEbert.comSheila O'Malley

The Film StageDan Mecca

Glitter & Doom feels like a beautiful, energetic half-measure.

The Hollywood ReporterRobyn Bahr

Director Tom Gustafson (Were the World Mine) has crafted a sweet if plodding love story but it’s hard to truly hate on this whirling candy-colored poetic fairytale — it’s just too sincere, much like the musical source material.

VarietyCourtney Howard

Frenetic, repetitious and simplistic, it relies heavily on the stylized spectacle of the song numbers and lyrics to bolster the disappointing drama.

FilmOut San Diego, US2023

2023 Winner FilmOut Festival Award, Missi Pyle
2023 Winner FilmOut Festival Award, Michelle Chamuel
2023 Winner FilmOut Programming Award, Alex Diaz - Alan Cammish
2023 Winner FilmOut Festival Award, Cristian Solano (director of photography)

Flyover Film Festival2023

2023 Winner Jury Award, Tom Gustafson