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Zachary Treitz
Elizabeth Butters, Kate Lyn Sheil, Zachary Treitz
Timothy Morton, David Maloney, Rachel Korine
Not Available
1h 38min
Not Available
Comedy, Drama, War
Awards, 2 wins & 2 nominations
post punk,american civil war,mule,year 1861,brother brother relationship
The New YorkerRichard Brody

The glaring absence of political chatter doesn’t mar Treitz’s achievement: he has made an instant-classic Western.

Village VoiceAlan Scherstuhl

This isn't a film about the Civil War; it's about the minds of white folks so removed from plantation life that they feel they have no stake in it at all. It's not about back then — it's about being.

The PlaylistNikola Grozdanovic

It’s a profoundly vague piece of filmmaking that hides an undeniable magnetism beneath its bare-boned narrative.

Entertainment WeeklyJoe McGovern

The shaggy, semi-focused but assuredly offbeat debut film from Zachary Treitz (co-written with House of Cards actress Kate Lyn Sheil) blends the Civil War with Mumblecore for one of the year’s most authentic trips in the way-back machine.

The New York TimesGlenn Kenny

The filmmakers’ bold pushback against the rigid formality of the genre they draw upon doesn’t always deliver. With the exception of Ms. Korine, the performers often seem to have a hard time shaking off the aura of the contemporary. Nevertheless, there’s much of value here.

The A.V. ClubIgnatiy Vishnevetsky

The Hollywood ReporterJohn DeFore

Minimalist in terms of action and scope but attentive to the texture of what is onscreen.

The Film StageDaniel Schindel

Where many historical films are concerned with the movers and shakers of well-known events, Men Go to Battle is all about the micro view. It tells a story that happens to be set against a volatile backdrop, but is more about what it was like to live day-to-day in such a time.

The Seattle TimesTom Keogh

This modest film’s heart is really in the mysteries of small moments.

Slant MagazineCarson Lund

It's too texturally exacting in its recreation of a transitory moment in U.S. history to register as a failure.

AFI Fest2015

2015 Nominee Audience Award, Zachary Treitz

Tribeca Film Festival2015

Indie Memphis Film Festival2015

2015 Winner Craig Brewer Emerging Filmmaker Award, Zachary Treitz