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Brian Taylor
Brian Taylor
Nicolas Cage, Selma Blair, Anne Winters
Armory Films, Dovecheck Productions, Ingenious
1h 26min
Comedy, Horror, Thriller
English, Chinese
Awards, 1 win & 2 nominations
high school,house,no ending,infanticide,husband wife relationship
VarietyDennis Harvey

Though sure to be distasteful for some viewers even to ponder, this giddy exercise transcends mere bad-taste humor to become one of the great jet-black comedies about suburbia.

ScreenCrushMatt Singer

Mom and Dad gives Cage his most plausible in-story excuse to unleash his total Cageosity since Face/Off. Given a juicy part and the freedom to do whatever he wants, he embraces Brent’s madness with obvious glee.

IndieWireBen Croll

More than the fervid cartoon violence and Cage’s rococo line readings, the film’s greatest asset lies in its simple, cold-blooded premise.

Slant MagazineChuck Bowen

Writer-director Brian Taylor's Mom and Dad invests a hoary conceit with disturbing and hilarious lunacy.

The Hollywood ReporterLeslie Felperin

Zero-to-60 speed crazy is pretty much right in Cage’s wheelhouse, and he offers up a perfectly amusing comical workout of the madman shtick he could pretty much do in this sleep at this point. More impressive is Blair, a chronically underused talent who gets to demonstrate her already established flair for comedy and more besides in a role to which she brings a surprisingly level of nuance.

The Film StageJared Mobarak

There’s also some commentary about twenty-first century technology and cellphone culture, but I don’t think Taylor goes far enough to make it more than throwaway insight soon forgotten for crazed violence. As far as the latter goes, Mom and Dad delivers crazy in an exciting way that never bores.

Movie NationRoger Moore

Mom and Dad is a reminder of how much gonzo fun a B-movie can be, how hilarious “Crank” was and what a hoot Nicolas Cage — who makes almost entirely B, C and D movies these days — is when he’s uncaged and unhinged.

The GuardianBenjamin Lee

This is an unrepentant midnight movie, dirty and violent and best enjoyed with a steady supply of alcohol.

Screen DailyTim Grierson

The film lets Nicolas Cage’s gonzo performance be its guide, mixing mocking self-parody and giddy enthusiasm for an utterly disposable, demented genre diversion.

Washington PostPat Padua

Despite a glorious performance by Nicolas Cage as a vicious father, this vivid satire of a world turned upside down is marred by writer-director Brian Taylor’s sloppy filmmaking.

Molins Film Festival2017

2017 Winner Jury Prize, Brian Taylor
2017 Nominee Audience Award, Tim Zajaros (producer) - Christopher Lemole (producer)