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Eshom Nelms, Ian Nelms
Jonathan Easley
Orlando Bloom, Andie MacDowell, Garret Dillahunt
Asbury Park Productions, Studio 507, Sweet Tomato Films
1h 51min
Not Available
Action, Thriller
Not Available
family relationships,town,male nudity
Film ThreatBradley Gibson

Red Right Hand fully delivers in the action realm.

RogerEbert.comMarya E. Gates

There is a time and place for sincere brooding, but this kind of blood-soaked saga calls for something grander.

Arizona RepublicBill Goodykoontz

Red Right Hand wants to be a kudzu-covered, Southern-fried crime story, a morality tale set in the “hills” as rich as pig knuckles from a jar in a juke joint. Mostly it’s just a dopey mob movie with Southern accents of varying quality — predictable and cliched.

The Hollywood ReporterFrank Scheck

Red Right Hand doesn’t add anything particularly new to the well-worn genre. But it features enough bloody action sequences and shootouts to satisfy fans, who will be more likely to catch it on VOD than at drive-ins.

Screen RantFerdosa Abdi

While Bloom and MacDowell anchor the film with their strong performances, leading an ensemble cast that is foundational to this rugged Western, the score by Mondo Boys and cinematography by Johnny Derango do a lot to embed the themes and concepts into the atmosphere of the film.

Movie NationRoger Moore

Red Right Hand’s not quick enough to be the gritty mixed-bag B-movie that was its destiny, but the players, the place and pistol-packing might be enough for those who go for that sort of thing.

ObserverRex Reed

Red Right Hand, another routine crime-thriller with a title that makes no sense, is a violent and nauseating excuse to entertain the portion of what is left of that dwindling movie audience that lives for nothing more than a lot of posing, crunching and muscle-flexing, not always in the same order.