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Kimberly Levin
Kimberly Levin
Joanne Kelly, Neal Huff, Alex Shaffer
Cantuckee Pictures, Reno Productions
1h 30min
Awards, 4 nominations
Not Available
VarietyBill Edelstein

The universal theme of personal principle vs. human necessity gets a workout in languid but inexorably powerful morality play, Runoff.

RogerEbert.comMatt Zoller Seitz

I don't think Kimberly Levin's debut feature Runoff entirely works as a story or a statement. But as an experience, it's amazing — so unlike most other recent American independent films in its style and mood.

Slant MagazineNick Prigge

This emotionally affecting film never loses sight of the ethical complexity of forsaking a community in the name of an individual.

Unknown SourceThe A.V. Club

Like its rural setting, Runoff is slow, deliberate, and concerned with practical things.

Village VoiceDanny King

Kimberly Levin's Runoff deals with an old-as-time moral quandary — how far will you go to protect your family? — but the movie achieves an understated resonance through Levin's emotionally sensitive compositions and her clued-in portrayal of life in a middle-American farming community.

Unknown SourceIndieWire

Edited by writer-director Levin, Runoff is the kind of film that finds power and pleasure in silence; many of its best scenes come in careful, long, quiet scenes of revelation or desperation.

The New York TimesStephen Holden

The movie’s extreme compression is its biggest failing. The business end is so minimally sketched, you are left wanting to know a lot more.

The Hollywood ReporterJustin Lowe

The threats faced in Runoff feel generic: predatory corporations, merciless banks, environmental contamination and encroaching industrialization just seem like overly familiar themes, lacking sustained suspense.

Los Angeles TimesKatie Walsh

The low energy pace and performances strive for naturalism but just don't achieve compelling tension or suspense.

Atlanta Film Festival2015

2015 Nominee Jury Award, Kimberly Levin

Nashville Film Festival2015

2015 Nominee Grand Jury Prize, Kimberly Levin

Sarasota Film Festival2015

2015 Nominee Independent Visions Award, Kimberly Levin

Los Angeles Film Festival2014

2014 Nominee Narrative Award, Kimberly Levin