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Morrisa Maltz
Lily Gladstone, Morrisa Maltz, Lainey Bearkiller Shangreaux
Lily Gladstone, Pam Richter, Tommy Heitkamp
Cold Iron Pictures, Unpaved Rodes, Wooden Finger Studios
1h 25min
Not Available
Adventure, Drama, Mystery
English, North American Indian
Awards, 6 wins & 14 nominations
american,on the road,native american,american indian,minnesota
IndieWireCarlos Aguilar

While the stirring visual fluidity of “The Unknown Country,” her first fiction feature and a kindhearted triumph, provides further arguments pointing to Malick likely being an influence, what distinguishes Maltz’s approximation to that style of evocatively loose filmmaking is that it’s grounded on the personal victories of real individuals. Based on that, she forges eclectic narrative devices for a tone poem with substantial dramatic meat on its bones.

ColliderChase Hutchinson

Even in the moments where it can feel a little rough around the edges, the portrait being painted is a breathtaking and unrestrained one. It all comes together to ensure that, in the long cinematic history of American road movies, The Unknown Country carves out an indelible legacy of its own all the way to its final series of shattering shots.

The PlaylistChristian Gallichio

Gladstone manages to sell every emotion, moving from despair to wonder as the journey continues.

RogerEbert.comSheila O'Malley

You don't watch the movie. You experience it through your senses.

The Film StageJohn Fink

There is a giant world out there, and Maltz’s first narrative feature is a rich and moving ode of the people we encounter along the way, as well as the roads not taken.

We Got This CoveredMartin Carr

The Unknown Country proves to be a road trip unlike any other.

The Hollywood ReporterSheri Linden

The quiet but stirring effect is a dreamscape of eye-opening geography, existential longing and the enduring workaday.

Los Angeles TimesRobert Abele

Sometimes, The Unknown Country may be more a feeling than a movie, but that’s more than satisfactory. Attentive and artful, Maltz is a talent to watch, and in Gladstone, she’s fortunate enough to have a star (and guide) whose presence binds us to all this soulful roaming.

Movie NationRoger Moore

Gladstone carries the picture as a reactor — to the stories she hears from this waitress, that grandfatherly distant relative, the bride-to-be. But even those reactions are subdued.

The New York TimesLisa Kennedy

The film’s gentle detours into the real-life stories remind us that it is the people met on the road that so often make the trip memorable.

Denver International Film Festival2022

2022 Nominee American Independent Award, Morrisa Maltz
2022 Winner American Independent Award, Morrisa Maltz

Gotham Awards2023

2023 Winner Gotham Independent Film Award, Lily Gladstone

Film Independent Spirit Awards2024

2024 Nominee John Cassavetes Award, Morrisa Maltz (director/writer/producer) - Lily Gladstone (writer) - Lainey Bearkiller Shangreaux (writer/producer) - Vanara Taing (writer/producer) - Katherine Harper (producer) - Laura Heberton (producer) - Tommy Heitkamp (producer)

SXSW Film Festival2022

2022 Nominee SXSW Adam Yauch Hörnblowér Award, Morrisa Maltz

Chlotrudis Awards2024

2024 Winner Chlotrudis Award, Lily Gladstone
2024 Nominee Chlotrudis Award

Austin Film Critics Association2024

2024 Winner Breakthrough Artist Award, Lily Gladstone

Calgary International Film Festival2022

2022 Nominee Best International Feature, Morrisa Maltz

Cinema Eye Honors Awards, US2024

2024 Nominee Heterodox Award, Morrisa Maltz

Champs-Élysées Film Festival2022

2022 Nominee Prix du jury, Morrisa Maltz

Red Nation Film Festival2023

2023 Nominee Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role, Lily Gladstone
2023 Nominee Actor in a Leading Role, Richard Ray Whitman
2023 Nominee Best Picture
2023 Nominee Directing Award, Morrisa Maltz
2023 Nominee Best Original Screenplay, Lily Gladstone - Morrisa Maltz - Lainey Bearkiller Shangreaux - Vanara Taing

Hell's Half Mile Film and Music Festival2022

2022 Winner Jury Award, Vanara Taing (editor)
2022 Winner Jury Award, Morrisa Maltz (director)

Montclair Film Festival (MFF)2022

2022 Nominee Future/Now, Morrisa Maltz

Americana Film Fest2023

2023 Nominee Audience Award, Morrisa Maltz