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Ethan Hawke
Shelby Gaines, Ethan Hawke
Laura Linney, Philip Ettinger, Rafael Casal
Good Country Pictures, Kingdom Story Company, Renovo Media Group
1h 43min
Not Available
Biography, Drama
Not Available
The PlaylistAnkit Jhunjhunwala

Wildcat should provide interest to audiences that have read and enjoyed O’Connor’s work and might even spur new readers to seek her stories out.

Total FilmMatt Maytum

Ultimately, though, the combination of handsome visuals and assemblage of sketchy moments leave it feeling more like a museum piece, offering impressions over a gratifying narrative experience.

IndieWireSiddhant Adlakha

Wildcat is too tame in its portrayal of suffering to let its Catholic undertones sing or take powerful cinematic form, resulting in a work where paradoxes are half-baked dilemmas that seem too conveniently solved, and life itself is something that happens far off-screen.

ColliderNate Richard

For as much care and passion that the Hawkes put into Wildcat, the film never knows what it wants to be or even what audience it wants to be speaking to.

VarietyPeter Debruge

It’s emotionally exhausting, but audiences come away with a sense of her legacy, as well as an appreciation for the adversity she faced (and, to a lesser degree, a sense of the criticism that has been leveled against her).

The GuardianCharles Bramesco

Ethan Hawke has good taste, and his past undertakings as director have affirmed that, but the biopic’s big built-in pitfall – the psychologically facile connect-the-dots between a figure’s life and works – swallows up his perceptible esteem for O’Connor.

Paste MagazineKatarina Docalovich

Regrettably, a gross number of missteps overshadow the Hawkes’ good intentions with this film. Even without Maya Hawke’s frumpy hag drag as O’Connor, complete with too-large dentures and an unfortunate wig, the lack of creative risk taken by the filmmakers, as well as the lack of research done by the team, sinks Wildcat before it gets started.

The Film StageEthan Vestby

One hopes Wildcat can disappear into thin air so that it doesn’t have to weigh on Hawke’s legacy.